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What we do

We see ourselves as your partner for all financial issues.

Financial Advice & Planning

To help you better achieve your goals.

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Wealth Management

What risk do you need to take with your capital?

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Mortgage Solutions

The right product at the right price

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Tax Planning

Can you avoid Inheritance Tax and reduce other tax liabilities?

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Our Financial Planning Process

Initial Meeting

At our first meeting we’ll agree your needs, aims and priorities and how you feel about financial and money risk.

Collecting Information

We want to make sure that we find the right solution for you. After our initial meeting, with your permission, we gather full details on your current financial products.

Prepare your financial plan

We analyze the information about your current situation and look at your whole financial situation. This is to ensure that any solution that we propose in one financial area does not adversely affect or disadvantage you in any other area.

Producing your plan

Based on your goals, we work out what options fit your needs and situation. With your help we look at alternatives and what-ifs and try to show you your clear choices. Together we’ll design a tailored solution that suits you best. We’ll usually present our recommendations to you formally face-to-face.

Implementing your plan

If you choose to accept our recommendations, we will help you to arrange and implement your financial solution.

Reviewing and monitoring

We can arrange to meet regularly to monitor progress towards meeting your needs and aims. It is vital that financial solutions are reviewed regularly to ensure that you’re still on track to meet your financial objectives, as your priorities change and the financial environment around you changes.

Trust our experience

We see ourselves as your partner for all financial issues. We develop a tailor-made, integrated financial plan that is based on your requirements. At Morton Parker we focus on the long-term, rather than the short-term. The following items indicate some of the areas in which we can assist you.

Initial Meeting

Discuss your aims and learn about our services

If you feel that we can help you further then we will explain exactly what’s involved, agree the next steps and agree any costs with you. 

Your first meeting is free of charge. It’s a conversation about you, your current situation, your needs, aims and priorities and how you feel about financial and money risk. Our adviser will explain how our financial planning and advice process works and how it might help you.

Virtually everyone gets some benefit from an initial meeting with one of our financial planning advisers. It may be in the form of general advice and tips or a simple, clearer explanation of the workings of your current financial arrangements and policies.

At the end of the initial meeting you can walk away without any obligation or cost.

Tailored solutions

Bespoke financial planning

You may feel you need to re-arrange your finances to boost your income to meet your immediate needs. Or you want to try to build up your wealth over time for added future security. Or you may need to look at efficient ways of financing a major purchase or event in the future.

You may want to improve your family’s financial protection for better peace of mind. Or work out what your income and outgoings might be if you decided to stop work early or reduce your hours and take more time for yourself.

Alternatively, your priority may be to pass on as much of your wealth as you can and to try to leave a useful legacy to those closest to you.

Whatever your needs, our aim is to understand your situation, your aims and priorities and your concerns and help you plan flexible solutions for now and into the future.

If your best solution involves using a financial product then we will recommend the one from the whole of the market that’s most appropriate. If not, we won’t.